Learn to build your confidence through preparation and insight

You have the responsibility and control over how you respond to any situation...

It happened again. Your colleague missed the deadline, which means you will miss your deadline. Again. What should you do?

Or, your boss is repeatedly adding new projects for your team without clearly prioritizing existing ones or helping you understand how this work fits with the other initiatives. How do you raise a red flag without risking her high regard of you as capable of handling anything that arises?

Perhaps you need to deliver a less than positive performance review for an employee. This is someone you know is introverted and quiet, but you need him to be more assertive in meetings with peers from other departments; otherwise, they think he is not competent and the entire department suffers. What should you do?

This eBook talks about those challenging conversations and more. It offers practical tips for building your confidence through preparation and insight about yourself and others.

Most of us do not believe we are skilled at tackling tough conversations. We delay until the situation festers and no amount of diplomacy can save us. Given that the need to have challenging conversations is pervasive, whether with a peer, a manager, a direct report or board member, it is about time we each took responsibility for developing the skill.

“Becky and Andrea have addressed the core elements of tough discussions while providing a great guide for managers and team members who want to interact at a higher level of honesty. The result of implementing the tips in Tough Talk will be a stronger, more committed team—one that is prepared to operate in an atmosphere promoting direct communication.”

Dr. Edward Shellard, Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Business Development, Carestream Health, Inc.

“Tough Talk is a practical tool for anyone dealing with difficult conversations and situations. It provides a great framework for planning and practice.”

Lucinda Smith, SVP, Global Business Services AGCO Corporation


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