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A gathering of Senior HR and business leaders for a sense of community, shared learnings, problem solving and extremely valuable brainstorming on solutions to the issues most organizations have in common.

Our Most Recent Breakfast:

Scaling Leadership – Building Organizational Capability and Capacity to Create Outcomes that Matter Most

SPECIAL GUEST: Michael O’Connor, VP, Full Circle Group and Leadership Circle Group

Anderson+Scaling+Leadership-BookcoverOrganizations are in the midst of massive shifts, requiring a level of self and other awareness that appears to outstrip any previous needs. In this environment, what are the leadership skills and mindsets required to adapt and thrive in a VUCA world – one defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity?

One definition of scaling is to get more work done more effectively by others. But what happens when you’re the roadblock? What does it mean to be exposed at scale? How do you respond when someone says, what got you here won’t get you there?


We had a packed house for this timely and exciting topic. We discussed how senior leaders, in their own words, describe the most effective leaders—the ones that get results, grow the business, enhance the culture and leave in their wake a trail of other really effective leaders? Conversely, how do senior leaders describe the kind of leader that undercuts the organization’s capacity and capability to create its future?

Here's a few takeaways from some recent attendees:

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Let's Get Real...

Whether you are looking to be promoted, start a new role, or move into a more demanding leadership position, Clearwater Consulting is here to support your goals.

We've started something new here that we think you would really enjoy - our Clearwater Consulting Senior Executive Business Leadership Breakfast designed to offer you and your colleagues a place to grapple with the real issues affecting how you operate.

We gather senior HR and business leaders by in a comfortable environment with a casual breakfast for meeting/mingling and then as a group we tackle the session's topic. Leaders share what is and isn't working. We highlight related best practices and tools to learn more and select companies/leaders share their own lessons learned.


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