We are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced leadership consultants


Our mission is to develop extraordinary leaders and high-functioning teams while improving your company's organizational effectiveness, positively impacting culture and financial results.

Clearwater Consulting offers a range of proprietary leadership, coaching, and team development programs. We work collaboratively with organizational leadership to build new programs from scratch, enhance existing initiatives, or provide an expert sounding board to guide implementation and execution.

Our talented team of consultants is differentiated by their ability to establish meaningful connections between teams and individuals, break down silos and barriers to effective communication, and help clients achieve an informed, unvarnished view of their enterprise.

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"By creating safe learning environments conducive to honest feedback and open dialogue, Clearwater helps participants hold a mirror to their own performance and relationships, creating a powerful desire to improve and own sustainable behavioral change."

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Meet the Clearwater Consulting Team

Building better leaders through a continuous learning journey.

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What We Believe

  • The answer to almost any challenge lies with the organization itself.
  • Creating an accountable, transparent, and mutually reinforcing environment is a critical first step toward understanding your operational context and maximizing the value of your internal resources.

Why We’re Different

  • Our team prides itself on recognizing where our clients are in their unique journey, determining where and how they can improve, and working with them in an intimately supportive capacity to build and implement sustainable results.
  • Creating safe spaces conducive to honest feedback and open dialogue, helps participants hold a mirror to their own performance and relationships, delivering a powerfully positive incentive to improve through sustainable behavioral change.

Let's Talk!

  • “The experts at Clearwater Consulting have the skills, knowledge and expertise many need. They understand business and how people at their best can be successful personally and set the business up for success as a result. Most importantly, they don’t do anything halfway.”
  • “Initially, they were charged with developing a program to train frontline managers to become great managers. It took off so well that Clearwater Consulting subsequently created a great leaders program that they facilitated with leaders in our overseas offices, then in the United States.”
  • "Not only does Clearwater Consulting collaborate with us to develop programs for training and change, they help us measure the results — that is key for our organization!"
  • “The Clearwater Consulting team is able to negotiate complex situations, translate everything into meaningful design, and are great relationship builders across the organization. They challenge our assumptions so artfully, we don’t even realize it’s a challenge!”
  • “I thought we trusted each other before, but having experienced the Clearwater Consulting process for creating cohesive teams, I realized we were just scratching the surface — we are now more aware of what real trust can truly look like!”

How does our process benefit our clients?

Effectively, we empower our clients to connect the dots between leadership, team, and organizational challenges.

Because Clearwater’s programming can be scaled and expanded to meet emerging challenges, clients benefit from a more consistent vision across their initiatives, require fewer consultative partnerships, and as a result, make fewer investments towards program development.

Clearwater's team of leadership development experts and coaches all have extensive experience, and draw from a well of strategic and management expertise across sales, marketing, retail, technology, and HR. We average 25+ years of business experience with Fortune 100 companies, alongside 5+ years of coaching experience and nearly 500 additional hours of coaching training. Our ability to scale and meet the needs of even the largest and most geographically dispersed clients has led to successful engagements with such notable organizations as Kaiser Permanente, Carter's, FLEETCOR, Abbott and Turner.

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It’s time to connect the dots between your leadership, team, and organizational challenges.

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