Vanessa Lowry


Being a member of the Clearwater Consulting team fits perfectly into Vanessa Lowry’s philosophy of working together with passionate, mindful entrepreneurs to differentiate their brand through distinctive graphics, compelling copy, and unique strategies for promoting Clearwater products and services.

Vanessa first worked with Clearwater during the development of Tough Talk, the book authored by the original founders and published in 2014. After brainstorming to determine the book’s focus and topic, Vanessa guided them through the publishing process, honing the content, designing and formatting the book for printing, and connecting them to key resources.

This successful project led to an ongoing relationship with Clearwater to create a cohesive branded image for the firm’s printed materials, presentation materials, online presence, signage, and events. In addition to assisting with the visual perception and clarity of Clearwater offerings and marketing, she co-designs major leadership programs and workshops created collaboratively partnering with Clearwater’s clients to help them communicate complex messages. Her work ethic and creativity are unmatched.

One of Vanessa’s professional and personal principles is to learn by doing and she often explores marketing avenues for her own ventures in tandem with client projects.

Vanessa’s published books include: 30 Days of Gratitude; Improv to Improve Your Business; Publishing as a Marketing Strategy; The 28-Day Thought Diet; The Adventure of an Ingenious Life; and The Magical Influence of Listening. Vanessa envisioned the concepts, selected collaborators, coauthored, designed, and formatted these books. In addition, she coauthored Write a Book - Change the World and You, Published! with Dr. Tim Morrison and is featured in the Happiness Recipe along with Sandy Weaver Carman, June Cline and 20 other authors.

Vanessa has explored the benefits of podcasting as a means of creating content that can then be leveraged into blog posts, books, and social media graphics…stay tuned for upcoming Clearwater podcasts. Her first foray into podcasting was as the regular guest host of Write Here, Write Now. Vanessa then created Art as Worship, as the solo host, where she interviewed artists on the theme of how they use inspiration and creativity as an expression of their spirituality.

While working mostly behind the scenes, Vanessa’s goal is to help others clearly communicate their expertise and ideas across diverse channels to expand their influence and support their brand.  

What We Believe

  • The answer to almost any challenge lies with the organization itself.
  • Creating an accountable, transparent, and mutually reinforcing environment is a critical first step toward understanding your operational context and maximizing the value of your internal resources.

Why We’re Different

  • Our team prides itself on recognizing where our clients are in their unique journey, determining where and how they can improve, and working with them in an intimately supportive capacity to build and implement sustainable results.
  • Creating safe spaces conducive to honest feedback and open dialogue, helps participants hold a mirror to their own performance and relationships, delivering a powerfully positive incentive to improve through sustainable behavioral change.

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