Conni Todd


As senior partner with Clearwater Consulting Group, Conni has a passion for providing business solutions for leaders and their teams, cultivating cultures that enhance leader performance. Through the development of leadership skills and self-awareness, Conni offers tools, training and executive coaching that help leaders lead effectively, inspire action and problem solve efficiently, resulting in improved productivity, stronger work relationships and greater influence. Partnering with clients, Conni and the Clearwater team assess key issues that impact corporate goals, offering frameworks, insights and enterprising solutions to address key findings.

With over 30 years of experience anchored in business development and sales leadership with Fortune 500 companies, Conni recognizes the importance of understanding your audience, how best to influence them and have a positive impact. She understands the dynamics and importance of working effectively with internal and external customers and the positive impact of fostering effective relationships to achieve and sustain success.  As a coach, she is able to help her clients develop those skills.  Many of her clients have been promoted into stretch roles, and are grappling with gaining confidence on a larger stage. Conni’s own professional experience, including becoming a “top producer”, provides a great background as she coaches individuals to discover and capitalize on their strengths as well as candidly assessing their opportunities for professional growth.

As an executive coach, Conni has an engaging approach and believes that self-awareness is empowerment and the foundation for leadership growth. Her adaptive style and holistic approach to coaching supports a leader’s ability to reframe key leadership challenges in ways that are constructive to the individual and the business. Conni coaches mid and senior level executives across varying roles, lines of business and industries resulting in noticeable improved leadership capacity.

As a trainer and facilitator, her delivery creates energy and engagement, and the opportunity for safely investigating touch conversations by fostering a balanced environment of safety. For individuals and for teams, she creates the essential bridge from awareness to insight and on to meaningful action.

Conni is accredited in all DiSC® assessments (Wiley) and is a certified trainer and Registered Corporate Coach through the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).  Additionally, Conni has certifications that include Performance Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Certified Skilled Negotiator, the Birkman Method, Inter-cultural Institute training, and the Leadership Circle 360 Profile. A graduate of Florida State University, Conni takes pride in community service and has held leadership roles for ArtsNow and the American Red Cross. She currently serves on the board of the Sub-Saharan Education Project (SSEP), a US-based organization working to improve the quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa through education. As a triathlete, Conni supports the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.

What We Believe

  • The answer to almost any challenge lies with the organization itself.
  • Creating an accountable, transparent, and mutually reinforcing environment is a critical first step toward understanding your operational context and maximizing the value of your internal resources.

Why We’re Different

  • Our team prides itself on recognizing where our clients are in their unique journey, determining where and how they can improve, and working with them in an intimately supportive capacity to build and implement sustainable results.
  • Creating safe spaces conducive to honest feedback and open dialogue, helps participants hold a mirror to their own performance and relationships, delivering a powerfully positive incentive to improve through sustainable behavioral change.

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