Our proven process empowers leaders, teams and individuals through four stages of performance

As a collaborative resource for your organization, we can help you build customized programs from scratch, enhance existing initiatives, and provide expert guidance through implementation and execution.



Align strategic whiteboard discovery from what exists – to what is possible



Customize and co-create the best-fit program design



Implement and deliver experiential learning and team facilitation



Support and coach to sustain learning

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We all believe that better is always possible. Do you agree?

Do your organization's executives and functional leads need time and space to think creatively about the challenges they confront?

Whiteboard Strategy Sessions

Create a safe space for conversations to occur over a 2 to 4 hour facilitated session - (where questions, suggestions, ideas, and objectives are exchanged and collected)

  • Focus on unraveling your organization's specific situation and needs in the moment
  • Apply our structured process for creativity and insights to emerge

Facilitated sessions to imagine, envision, and design what is possible for your organization’s People Strategy

  • A targeted program design
  • A specific problem to solve
  • Or once the program is designed, get into the project plan and flow


  • How to build a stronger culture of engagement
  • Wrapping our minds and hearts around a particular issue or challenge - cross functional dysfunction, massive change initiative, aligning senior leaders, building leadership bench, etc.)


  • Reality check
  • Picture of where you are and want to be
  • Clarity, energy, optimism, choices
  • Collective creativity


We help co-create training, engagement, and alignment programs that yield the most creative and impactful outcomes.

We work with you at the intersection of Design Thinking methodology and Agile Mindset to put the end user center stage and rapidly create approaches or programs to then test and refine.

Design Lab Sessions

The Design Lab focuses on creating programs, approaches, solutions best suited to the context – training, workstreams (collaborative cross functional task forces) or coaching.

Together we co-invent new approaches or leverage existing organizational programs or assessments as appropriate to customize and co-create your best-fit program design.

The process of discovery, design and development of solutions that we integrate:

  • Who needs to learn, know, practice what?
  • What is the best manner of exposure and engagement?
  • What experience do we want the participant to have?
  • What outcomes are we seeking?


  • From – To clarity
  • Target audience profiles and challenges
  • Stakeholders agendas and commitments
  • Challenges to creating a shift
  • What success looks like


  • Focus
  • Alignment with stakeholders
  • Content: combine theory and application, what exists plus what’s new
  • Methodology for delivery


We share an "always be learning" mindset with our clients.

Applying that learning as a practice, as a community keeps us focused on growth and development versus failure or success.

Artful and Impactful Practice of Learning & Growing

Finding the best combination of in person, remote, large group, small group, one day or year long, external facilitator, leader led programs is key to accelerated growth and development of people in your organization.

  • We allow as much time for participant reflection and sharing with each other as for teaching new concepts and frameworks to create an empowering, everlasting experience
  • We distinguish training from facilitation and appropriately blend the two
  • Learning is a journey – it’s important to know where you are now and what behavior or mindset needs to shift to increase effectiveness and engagement


  • Topics appropriate to shift the mindset and behaviors in the desired direction
  • Transitioning from one and done training to platforms and experiences that encourage self responsibility for ongoing learning
  • Immediate impact through a variety of forums – in-person, remote, microlearning, alone and in-community


  • Connect the dots across the organization – associate existing programs (i.e., performance reviews or onboarding processes) with new learning opportunities (i.e., “feedforward” and “blind spots”) to strengthen behaviors that increase communication effectiveness and appreciation of diversity
  • Wholly engaged participants and sustainable practices


No one ever intends to introduce a check-the-box, one and done program du jour…but it does happen.

Our mission is to help our clients sustain the insights, actions, commitments, and learnings of every program we provide.

Our sustainability process includes:

  • Listening to participants share their stories of change, of challenges, and of impact
  • Connecting existing elements and forums with new ones that strengthen the impact across audiences
  • Encouraging the cultural practice ongoing feedback versus silo’d and once a year performance reviews
  • Accepting learning as a journey to achieve behavior change
  • Creating a shared vocabulary by applying frameworks like the DiSC® model in many different ways – one on one coaching, team development, leadership development, feedback, presentations, etc. – so that it is repeatedly experienced and understood more and more deeply and appropriately
  • Designing interactive and engaging forums for all learning experiences


We sustain momentum in a variety of ways:

  • Role Model the behaviors you seek in others: We provide coaching and support to help clients embrace continuous learning & growth for themselves in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world by role modeling behaviors they want others to embrace.
  • Support Peer-to-Peer Pods: We provide peer pods with support material they can use to facilitate conversations on their own.
  • Get really good at asking questions: We teach managers how to coach and develop others.
  • Take Time Out: We facilitate periodic Whiteboard Sessions to help senior leaders stay focused on what matters now.
  • Make it Easy: We provide a micro-learning platform that offers easily accessible, engaging resource material that keeps the training alive.


  • Connecting the dots between programs 
  • Train the trainer and leader led
  • Walk the talk


  • Engaged employees who take responsibility for their own growth
  • Seamless integration of learning and development into the culture
  • Shared vocabulary, frameworks and enthusiasm

It’s time to connect the dots between your leadership, team, and organizational challenges.

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