Workshop at NAAAHR Oct. 1 - The HR Business Partner Imperative: Become a Trusted Advisor

Posted by Conni Todd on Tue, Sep 13, 2016

Conni Todd, Senior Partner at Clearwater Consulting Group, will be presenting a session on October 1 at the 2016 NAAAHR National Conference in Atlanta, GA. Crystal Williams, CHRO at FLEETCOR, will be co-presenter at the session to be held at The Hilton Atlanta Hotel 3:15pm-4:30pm.

The HR Business Partner Imperative: Become a Trusted Advisor

Did you know only 42% of global companies report that the impact of HR on organizational success is weak? Leaders across the board are challenging HR to move beyond the perspective that limits HR with just responsibilities for payroll, recruiting, and performance systems to a place where HR serves as a trusted advisor for solving complex business issues, brought in on the front side as a key partner. This workshop is designed to build the case for why HR leaders need to stop babysitting and start bringing more innovative solutions to the forefront to solve complex business issues.

The learning objectives for this workshop are:

• Understand the current context for how HR is viewed and why the change is needed
• Learn more about what a real trusted advisor looks like and what it doesn't look like
• Accelerate faster into the role of a trusted advisor while improving relationships and learning how to leverage candor and conflict to gain greater traction

Presenters: Conni Todd & Crystal Williams

Conni_Todd_02.jpgConni Todd is Senior Partner at Clearwater Consulting Group, a leadership development firm that works with companies to solve people problems that solve real business challenges. Conni and Clearwater have been working along side the team at FLEETCOR for over 3 years, creating unique solutions and training options that move the business forward faster as the company continues its rapid expansion plan.

Crystal Williams is CHRO at FLEETCOR, the marketplace leader in payment solutions. She has been instrumental in leading the charge to create a unified culture at FLEETCOR whereby all leaders can thrive and grow against the backdrop of an accelerated acquisition strategy with over 60 companies assimilated into the company over the past 10 years! 

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