Who Will You Be, Corporate America?

Posted by Conni Todd on Thu, Jan 21, 2021


For there is always light
If only we are brave enough to see it
If only we are brave enough to be it
                                                        -Amanda Gorman, poet

Now is the time for corporate America to be brave enough to follow the lead of President Biden by paying closer attention to honoring diversity, inclusion and belonging in leadership. The president's cabinet is intentionally full of capable leaders that are a reflection of our country – high level leadership representative of not just white males.

According to ABC News, half of Biden’s Cabinet picks are women starting with Madam Vice President Kamala Harris, and the majority are people of color – including the first woman to serve as treasury secretary, the first Black defense secretary, the first openly gay man confirmed to a Cabinet role and the first Native American Cabinet secretary. Bold and Brave.

That is courageous and authentic leadership. 

In spite of systemic norms at your organization, as a leader...what will you do...who will you be? 
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