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What Does a Winning Corporate Culture Look Like?

To be an enduring, great company, you have to build a mechanism for preventing or solving problems that will long outlast any one individual leader.” ― Howard Schultz

We recently began work with a new client who asked for our help in assimilating a new senior team with 70% of the new leaders being in their jobs less than 6 months. While some of the departures of past leaders were due to health issues or retirements, a lot of the changes could be assigned to the common problem with this organization: they have a very tough culture and few leaders survive long term. Supporting this fact was the HR leader's plea for help due to massive team dysfunction and suffering morale issues. 

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3 Tools to Stay Focused and Sane During Accelerated Pace and Creative Expansion

You're wondering where Clearwater Consulting has been lately? Well, we've been tackling some wonderful client projects around engagement, team stress, and growth.
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How To Change the Way You Lead Change - Your Input is Needed

You are invited to participate in a   5-minute survey  specifically designed to help leaders improve their effectiveness in leading change.
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5 Keys To Sustaining Effective Leadership Development Training

You've just spent $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 - whatever amount - on a training program to teach your managers and leaders to communicate better with others, to lead situationally, to give better feedback, or some other relevant topic that you believe will positively impact leadership, productivity and engagement at your organization. The happy face feedback is spectacular - a roaring success.

How do you keep this work alive in your culture?

A client recently posed that question. He's the President. He's also a change agent, leading a cultural evolution.

His is an unusual request, actually, as most organizations fall into the Check It Off the List box. One and done. Then, months later, they look around and notice, gosh, nothing has changed! That class must not have worked!

Here's the fact of the matter: any leadership training, or communication or interpersonal training is a change initiative. Treat it with the respect it is due. 

Here are ideas for successfully sustaining the work.

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Highly Engaged HR Professionals at NAAAHR 2016 National Conference

Earlier this month, Clearwater Consulting Group had the honor of presenting at the 2016 National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Conference held in Atlanta, GA.  In attendance were over 400 HR business professionals, from emerging leaders to CHROs, all seeking to share knowledge and networking opportunities with colleagues from across the country. 

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