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Using 360 Feedback to Become Better Leaders

We have worked with hundreds of leaders inside organizations administering, delivering and coaching around 360 degree feedback programs as a developmental process designed to improve leadership skills. We have been fascinated by the way leaders respond to the feedback from their bosses, peers and direct reports. They tend to respond in the following ways:


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Effective Leadership Development in the Workplace

As we engage in conversations with executives about developing talent and leaders in the workplace, they often reply, “We already have leadership development covered” when in fact, they don’t. Frequently, the lack of an effective leadership development and training program results from thinking only the “senior players” need to evolve in areas of leadership. However, the best leadership development goals for any organization are an integral part of the strategic business plan which includes all employees and managers since that is where operational execution occurs at it’s core. 

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Leadership Skill: How to Have Difficult Conversations

Do you avoid having tough conversations or delay in addressing performance issues on your staff?  Do you find yourself beating around the bush or sugar-coating the message?  If so, you are NOT in the minority...

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6 Keys to Sustaining Effective Leadership Development Programs

You've just spent $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 - whatever amount - on a leadership development program to teach your managers and leaders to communicate better with others, to lead situationally, to give better feedback, or some other relevant topics that you believe will positively impact leadership, productivity, turnover and engagement at your organization. The happy face feedback is spectacular - a roaring success.

Now the real work begins. How do you keep this work alive in your culture? How do you avoid the one and done experience, the one where you look around months later and notice, gosh, nothing has changed?

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Increase Employee Engagement with 3 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Isn’t this true for you? People perform best at work when they know their viewpoints, opinions, and contributions count — when they feel heard. When that happens, we all feel more engaged.

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