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5 Keys To Sustaining Effective Leadership Development Training

You've just spent $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 - whatever amount - on a training program to teach your managers and leaders to communicate better with others, to lead situationally, to give better feedback, or some other relevant topic that you believe will positively impact leadership, productivity and engagement at your organization. The happy face feedback is spectacular - a roaring success.

How do you keep this work alive in your culture?

A client recently posed that question. He's the President. He's also a change agent, leading a cultural evolution.

His is an unusual request, actually, as most organizations fall into the Check It Off the List box. One and done. Then, months later, they look around and notice, gosh, nothing has changed! That class must not have worked!

Here's the fact of the matter: any leadership training, or communication or interpersonal training is a change initiative. Treat it with the respect it is due. 

Here are ideas for successfully sustaining the work.

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6 Steps to Clarity of Vision for Visionary Leadership

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” - Antoine De Saint Exupery
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Apologizing: A Sign of Leadership Strength or Weakness?

In the past week, when Atlanta was grappling with “snowmageddon” during which finger-pointing and blame were rampant, my husband and I received a letter of apology from the President of Woodward Academy that both surprised and delighted us.

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Leadership Lessons from Atlanta's "Snow-Mageddon"

Atlanta has been in the national news for the recent snow storm and unprecedented traffic jams that resulted. I patiently waited at home with my kids (thankfully home from school safely) to hear when my husband and friends would make it home. It took my husband 13 hours, about $70 in gas, and a brief stay at a church due to a road closure before he was finally able to make it home safely at 2 am Wednesday morning. He had left Midtown Atlanta at 1 pm Tuesday afternoon. Some of our friends were not as lucky and spent the night at a Target store, child’s preschool, church, or they simply abandoned their cars and walked through the night to get home.

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Honoring the Leadership Legacy of our Veterans - What is Your Leadership Legacy?

As we celebrate Veteran's Day this week and honor all those service men and women who have served our country, some with their lives, I have been reflecting on the kind of leadership that it takes to lead troops into combat. The kind of leadership that engenders followership when the ultimate price, our lives, is on the line.

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