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View our "Tough Talk" book launch video

We had a blast celebrating with friends, colleagues, and clients the publication of our new book, "Tough Talk: Ten Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations". It was gratifying to us to see that our passion to help organizations maintain creative focus by confronting potential derailers early is embraced by so many thoughtful, smart and savvy leaders. Enjoy this one minute salute to the evening and creative solutions!

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Tough Talk with Your Boss: A Lack of Clear Direction

The NY Times posted an article about a recommendation made by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to its junior bankers: try to take four days off a month, on the weekends. The article references similar conversations going on in other financial institutions seeking ways to address a culturally embedded expectation of working extremely long hours. For those just starting in Wall Street financial services, the work must initially be a huge rush, exciting, compelling, inviting - but the pace is simply not sustainable.

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Silos, Everywhere You Go

"In most situations, silos rise up not because of what executives are doing purposefully...but rather because of what they are failing to do: provide themselves and their employees with a compelling context for working together."- Patrick Lencioni

In continuing our holiday series on what employees want in organizations and sometimes what they don't want, we thought we would talk about one of the biggest things we hear leaders complain about and that's silo mentality. There is an inability to get work done in organizations where silos live and thrive. Cultures of silos tends to demonstrate:

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Employee Recognition: Let it Show, Let it Show, Let it Show!

In our continuing series on what kinds of gifts employees want from employers or their companies, we have been sharing what we hear people most want for the holidays or any time of year. Thus far, we shared that they want:

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Take Our Survey: Tackling Difficult Conversations

'Tis the season to toast, roast and spend time with friends, family and colleagues. It can also mean year-end performance reviews at work or finally tackling a long delayed conversation with a peer, manager or team member. If you are like most of the folks interviewed for an online poll by Vitalsmarts, you are confronting some version of a difficult conversation.

We are curious about the difficult conversations in your work life. What is the topic you need to tackle and who do you need to have the conversation with in order to clear the air, move forward, or address a situation?

Take our short poll on Handling Difficult Conversations and we'll share the results in a few weeks. It's 3 quick questions and only takes 2 minutes. Thank You!
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