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Does Your Organization Have the Summertime Blues?

The summer is when people take their vacation, lie on the beach and contemplate their life thinking about what makes them happy, the many stresses they put up with at work, and where they want to go next in their career. Often it’s during this time of the year that your employees are deciding if they’re going to start looking for another job.

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5 Positive Behaviors for Handling Conflict within Teams

Every organization faces conflict among team members, breakdowns in communication and behaviors that create more dysfunction than function.  How your leaders handle these challenges becomes the standard which all employees follow. If the team leader is selfish and has a “me first” attitude, then employees will follow suit. If the leader is compassionate and good at listening, then, likewise, the others on his/her team echo that behavior.

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3 Ways Leaders Erode Trust Inside an Organization

Organizations know that teams are the lifeblood of how work gets done. And, it’s understood that highly effective teams where trust abounds produce greater results, higher morale and retain talent for the future. The field of positivity supplies vast amounts of research on the connection between trust, positivity and results and the impact they produce on engagement levels and culture. So what’s stopping organizations and their leaders from developing teams with higher levels of trust?

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Developing Leadership Skills: Is it a game in your workplace?

Which card game best describes your company’s leadership development efforts?

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Guest Blog: Difficult Conversations: A Failure to Communicate

Earlier this month Becky Dannenfelser and Conni Todd presented a workshop based on our book, Tough Talk: Ten Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations to the PMI Atlanta Chapter. It was a great evening and Becky and Conni truly appreciated the interactions with the audience who were very sophisticated and engaged with the topic. And a special thanks to Mike Ososki for the following article which originally appeared here

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