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Highly Effective Teams are Vital to Organizations

Research last year from the Human Capital Institute on “Designing Effective Teams” showed the following:

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3 Ways Leaders Erode Trust Inside an Organization

Organizations know that teams are the lifeblood of how work gets done. And, it’s understood that highly effective teams where trust abounds produce greater results, higher morale and retain talent for the future. The field of positivity supplies vast amounts of research on the connection between trust, positivity and results and the impact they produce on engagement levels and culture. So what’s stopping organizations and their leaders from developing teams with higher levels of trust?

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Five Steps to Effective, High-Functioning Teams

Teams share the burden, and divide the grief." - Doug Smith

The corporate world’s answer to the growing challenges of business seems to be a whole room full of partners -- that’s a Team. Although there have always been workplace teams, since the 1980’s their role in corporations has vastly increased. And although they can be highly effective, teams are not the panacea for inefficient organizations. Frustrated members and managers abound, because by all logic their teams should work, but they often don’t. The good news is that the solutions for effective, high-functioning teams are within your reach.

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Team Needs an Annual Retreat

"Teams share the burden, and divide the grief." - Doug Smith

We do a lot of work with teams and most of the time we are called in when a senior team is demonstrating some kind of dysfunction: conflict, poor business performance, a new change is not working, or a new leader is struggling. And, we do get asked to support teams who are highly functioning to help them build stronger bonds and align their purpose and business goals.

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Leadership and Team Building: Lessons from Watching Football

Football is my favorite sport and I look forward to this time of year when I can watch my favorite college team (The Ohio State Buckeyes) as well as the many professional teams I like to watch. I enjoy watching football for the hard-hitting tackles, QB sacks, amazing running plays, unbelievable catches and the complete package of excitement a game presents.

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