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Using DiSC® to Build High Performing Teams

In order to build a smart team in the workplace, it helps to understand your work style as well as the work styles of those on your team. There are a variety of work assessments on the market, but we have found that DiSC® is the best assesment for understanding and improving team functioning and communication. Knowing your DiSC® work style will help you learn how to approach and connect with the other members on your team (or co-workers in your office). It is important to note that no style is better or worse than any other and that all 4 work styles are necessary in the work environment for successful achievement of goals.

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3 Steps to Effectively Using DiSC® in the Workplace

Does your organization have an instruction manual on creating collaboration and synergy among employees and team members that results in the "whole" being greater than simply the sum of the parts? One of the most basic principles for business success is leveraging the power and performance of our human resources, both individually and collectively. Sounds good, but how does an organization or leader go about navigating the challenge of building and managing the kind of trusting and productive relationships that accelerate team and organizational performance and result in business excellence?

"The action is in the interaction."  ―Douglas Conant

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