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Coaching and Developing Employees to Success


As my daughter swam in the state long course swim championships this recently, I thought about how her swim coach needs to train and develop her swimming talent just like a manager who needs to train and develop the talent on his team. After each race during the competition, he talked to her about what she did well and what to focus on for the next race. He makes training fun sometimes and more challenging at other times to push her to higher goals; and listens to her when she reaches a plateau and is frustrated from her lack of progress.

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Be a Great Team Leader: 4 Views on Accountability

The two most popular pages on our website tell an interesting story about organizational needs and dynamics.

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5 Types of Dysfunctional Teams

Are you a leader or member of a dysfunctional workplace team? Which one of the following reality TV shows does your dysfunctional team represent?

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Defining Success: The Meaning of Grit

It’s the first week of March. At the end of 2015 as you look back, what do you want to have attained or accomplished professionally? What's your definition of success? What are you driven to achieve? What matters so deeply to you that you are willing to dedicate time, energy, and emotion to its fulfillment? How do you stay motivated and engaged in the months ahead so that at the end of the year you are celebrating and smiling?

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Why Use DiSC Training for Teams?

Lately, we’ve been fielding a good number of inquiries about DiSC assessments and training for creating high functioning teams and strengthening work place relationships. In fact, the last several programs we've designed included DiSC as an anchor or as a major component of the leadership development training.

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