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Leadership Development and the Foreign Concept of Seeking Feedback

It is our experience from working with hundreds of leaders that the opportunity to actually seek feedback is a foreign concept. So much so that to really stand out today, a leader needs to learn to take charge of his/her own career and become more proactive in seeking feedback that is future oriented and given consistently.

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3 Key Ideas for Consistency and Creativity in Leadership Development

In our recent survey “How satisfied are you with your organization’s learning & development”, the majority of first responders are only "somewhat dissatisfied." They express concern over a lack of consistency in learning & development approaches at their organizations and emphasize the need for greater focus on mid-manager development.

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Extraordinary Leadership: What Does it Take To Be Great? Here's 5 clues.

"Great and good are seldom the same man." - Winston Churchill

Great. Extraordinary. A stand-out person, one who leads at a higher level. A man or women who others want to follow. A person who shows they care. A leader who can make decisions, set direction, inspire others with a strong vision for the future, while executing on the needed deliverables. 

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5 Best Ways to Develop Executive Presence

Executive Presence is increasingly talked about in the business world. It’s meant to describe those employees who have the “right stuff” for promotion into leadership roles and positions. While you might believe you possess the proper leadership competencies and personality traits to move up, your boss and peers might not have the same perspective.

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How Do You Define Authenticity?

Genuine. Truthful. Real. Essential. Engaged with what matters to you. And brave enough to share it.

Here's what we're hearing in our workshops, training programs and in one-on-one coaching: there's a yearning for authenticity and a sense that it is very hard to come by in business settings. And, it's not authenticity in a vacuum - people aren't saying, just let me be me no matter what. It's more of a question of: How can we, together, create something that matters, that encourages each of us to contribute in a meaningful way? 

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