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4 Ways to Eliminate Difficult Conversations About Performance Reviews

Performance reviews remain one of the most difficult conversations that most leaders dread having with others. So what can one do to have a positive experience during a performance review? What can a person do to take the difficult conversation around performance, money or expectations and change it into a more engaging one where both parties--the manager and the direct report--walk out feeling good about things?

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Inspiring Women at the WEN Conference

Congratulations to the Women's Energy Network for organizing and hosting an OUTSTANDING and INSPIRING conference last week in New Orleans! WOW! My colleague Conni Todd and I were invited to contribute to the conference by leading an interactive leadership development workshop: Extraordinary Female Leadership—Vision is the Difference.

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Defining Success: The Meaning of Grit

It’s the first week of March. At the end of 2015 as you look back, what do you want to have attained or accomplished professionally? What's your definition of success? What are you driven to achieve? What matters so deeply to you that you are willing to dedicate time, energy, and emotion to its fulfillment? How do you stay motivated and engaged in the months ahead so that at the end of the year you are celebrating and smiling?

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4 Key Priorities for Leadership Development in 2015

In a recent survey, we invited you to share your own professional priorities for 2015, identifying areas needing attention to develop your leadership in the months ahead

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Get Excited About Leadership Development

When you think of leadership development do you get excited about it? Do you dread it or fear it? Are you unsure whether you think it’s for you or lack the confidence to know what to do? Have you participated in training programs that left you wanting more?

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