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How Do You Define Authenticity?

Genuine. Truthful. Real. Essential. Engaged with what matters to you. And brave enough to share it.

Here's what we're hearing in our workshops, training programs and in one-on-one coaching: there's a yearning for authenticity and a sense that it is very hard to come by in business settings. And, it's not authenticity in a vacuum - people aren't saying, just let me be me no matter what. It's more of a question of: How can we, together, create something that matters, that encourages each of us to contribute in a meaningful way? 

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Apologizing: A Sign of Leadership Strength or Weakness?

In the past week, when Atlanta was grappling with “snowmageddon” during which finger-pointing and blame were rampant, my husband and I received a letter of apology from the President of Woodward Academy that both surprised and delighted us.

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Leadership Lessons from Atlanta's "Snow-Mageddon"

Atlanta has been in the national news for the recent snow storm and unprecedented traffic jams that resulted. I patiently waited at home with my kids (thankfully home from school safely) to hear when my husband and friends would make it home. It took my husband 13 hours, about $70 in gas, and a brief stay at a church due to a road closure before he was finally able to make it home safely at 2 am Wednesday morning. He had left Midtown Atlanta at 1 pm Tuesday afternoon. Some of our friends were not as lucky and spent the night at a Target store, child’s preschool, church, or they simply abandoned their cars and walked through the night to get home.

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On the Second Day of Work...Corporate Culture Insights

In our ongoing holiday series about what employees want from their companies, we tap into the longing people have to understand the company they work for by understanding the culture of the company, speaking the language and knowing the customs. Not always easy to do.

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On the First Day of Work, My Company Gave to Me...

In honor of the holiday spirit, I got to thinking about what employees or even future employees want from employers. And, I started thinking about it in terms of a gift. What gifts do your employees want from you as an employer? Certainly, we know that people want to feel empowered, trusted and valued. But, when they first start working for a company, what do they really want on day one?

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