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Onboarding New Leaders: Success vs. Failure

"Lead, follow or get out of the way." - Laurence J. Peter

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Leadership Lessons from Atlanta's "Snow-Mageddon"

Atlanta has been in the national news for the recent snow storm and unprecedented traffic jams that resulted. I patiently waited at home with my kids (thankfully home from school safely) to hear when my husband and friends would make it home. It took my husband 13 hours, about $70 in gas, and a brief stay at a church due to a road closure before he was finally able to make it home safely at 2 am Wednesday morning. He had left Midtown Atlanta at 1 pm Tuesday afternoon. Some of our friends were not as lucky and spent the night at a Target store, child’s preschool, church, or they simply abandoned their cars and walked through the night to get home.

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January Blues: Re-energize at Work with Action Planning

"Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?" - Steven Wright

It's time, time to go back to work. The presents are all unwrapped and the dead Christmas trees line the curbs, looking like carcasses. Luckily, for some of us, the winter storm has delayed the inevitable thanks to a weather reprieve. 

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Leadership Legacy Series: Playing a Bigger Game at Work

Part 1 - Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago, Clearwater had the pleasure of facilitating the Bigger Game for a group of senior leaders at an ITSMF symposium in Miami. The success of the program was outstanding due to the high level of engagement from the participants. It was amazing to see their desire to "play" the Bigger Game, especially considering that the process can feel ambiguous until you understand the free-flowing approach is intential and beneficial to your success. Playing the Bigger Game resulted in the participants feeling many emotions including confidence, excitement, vitality, appreciation and pride. The ITSMF organization itself knows a little bit about playing a Bigger Game due to the passion of their mission--to help African American IT executives grow and develop while making a career impact in the technology world. 

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Leadership Poll Results: Greatest Impact on Career Success

Last month we invited colleagues and clients to complete a survey identifying what had the greatest impact on their career success. With over 100+ leaders weighing in, the winner with one-third of the votes was "I had a supportive boss."

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