The Need for Effective Collaboration

Posted by Kristin Dressel on Thu, Nov 05, 2015

As companies become more complex and try to do more with fewer people, there is an increased need to collaborate with other teams, departments and cross-functionally. How well do your leaders and teams collaborate? Here are 3 steps to help your leaders develop effective collaboration skills.

  1. Hold a Feedback Session

Generate an open discussion among the people and teams that need to collaborate. Identify the areas the team needs to improve and talk about ways each person can collaborate better.

  1. Determine a Common Vision or Goal

If all people involved understand the vision or goal of the collaboration and buy in to the vision, then they are more likely to set aside their own goals focus on the groups’ goals instead.

  1. Change the Language

It’s not what is said, it’s HOW it’s said that can help build collaboration. Define the acceptable language and communication of the team and hold people to the same standard.

effective collaboration in the workplace

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