Take Our Survey: Tackling Difficult Conversations

Posted by Rebecca Dannenfelser on Sun, Dec 08, 2013
cc_difficult_conversations'Tis the season to toast, roast and spend time with friends, family and colleagues. It can also mean year-end performance reviews at work or finally tackling a long delayed conversation with a peer, manager or team member. If you are like most of the folks interviewed for an online poll by Vitalsmarts, you are confronting some version of a difficult conversation.

We are curious about the difficult conversations in your work life. What is the topic you need to tackle and who do you need to have the conversation with in order to clear the air, move forward, or address a situation?

Take our short poll on Handling Difficult Conversations and we'll share the results in a few weeks. It's 3 quick questions and only takes 2 minutes. Thank You!

Topics: improve workplace relationships, difficult conversations

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