Survey Results: The Top 3 Challenges Facing Organizations

Posted by Kristin Dressel on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Recently we posted a survey asking managers and leaders to answer the following question: “What are your organization’s biggest challenges in 2015 regarding talent?” Respondents were able to pick their top 3 concerns and without question they are:

  • Building trust on teams
  • Engaging and retaining employees
  • Improving bottom line results

cc_survey_results_July_2015Are you facing these concerns at your organization? Each one presents a challenging situation to any business and all three are inextricably linked together. You can’t get an improved bottom line without engaging and retaining your employees. And leaders understand that their team needs to trust one another in order to increase productivity and improve results. How stressed out are your employees trying to manage all of this?

In today’s chaotic and fast-paced business environments it seems like everyone from the executive level down to the line staff is under pressure to constantly improve results. But it’s not enough just to demand higher results; the company has to provide the support, training and resources necessary to achieve it. Has your company offered team development workshops to improve the trust and communication on workplace teams? If not, how can any organization expect a team to increase their performance levels if they don’t understand each other and know how to work together better?

Likewise, your company wants to engage and retain employees, especially the high performing ones. Have you rewarded or recognized their efforts lately? When was the last time you selected them for leadership training so they can be better prepared for the next career level at your organization?

If your company is having difficulty retaining key employees ask them what you can do to keep them. A higher salary is always nice, but many people will stay if they feel appreciated and if they know of a clear career path within the organization. The companies that provide training and development for their employees will be able to retain their employees better than companies who don’t.

Coaching and developing employees is necessary in today’s business climate in order to retain employees and remain competitive. It’s simply not enough to offer a company picnic once a year and expect your employees to stay content. By taking the time now to invest in your employees and teams by training and developing them will pay dividends over the long haul.

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