The Future of Performance Management & Continuous Feedback

Posted by Andrea Hopke on Wed, May 03, 2017

Small Laura with handout with attendee.jpgClearly one of the greatest gifts for any senior leader is that of time, especially time with peers. Time to confide in each other, to share insights and challenges, to understand they are not alone. 

That is one of the greatest gifts of Clearwater Consulting's quarterly Senior Executive Leadership Forum breakfast on hot topics and disruptors. 
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The focus at the April forum breakfast meeting in Atlanta, GA, was bringing a new lens to performance management systems and the trend toward consistent and continuous feedback. The group discussed several elements contributing to the push for new platforms, including the desire to create coaching cultures, the need for ongoing not just annual feedback, and the role technology plays in prompting communication.
One of our very generous clients offered to share their organization's current experience.  George Cleveland and Jocelyn Boatwright of Cricket Wireless detailed the technology they recently introduced called Loop, developed by parent company AT&T. This prompted a robust conversation about who has done what, with what effect. One of the overarching themes was that any initiative to introduce a new technology tool requires a thoughtful launch, not just in terms of building awareness and how the technology works, but appreciating that, at its core, this is a campaign to change behavior. 
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Download these infographics (PDF format) on continous feedback and performance management:

The Future of Feedback:
Focus on Engagement & Empowerment 

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2017 Trends for Perfomance Management 
& Continuous Feedback

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Read about the February 2017 Forum topic - 12 Disruptors for HR Leaders

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