Do Mediocre Hires Cost More Than Bad Hires?

Posted by Conni Todd on Wed, Jul 25, 2018

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Employers are all too aware these days of the cost of bad hires. But what is the cost of a mediocre hire? In today’s tight employment market, there is little doubt of the cost of a bad hire, but a much more elusive cost calculation surrounds the “mediocre” hire. Every organization deals with mediocre hires and their associated costs.

While difficult, there is usually a defined path with a bad hire (probation, termination.) With a mediocre hire, it’s less clear and hard to decide when the time has come to exit. Mediocre employees can often fly just under the radar or they improve slightly after being redirected, but often only for a short time. They can have the same effect/cost on the organization as a bad hire:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Manager time zapper
  • Negative culture impact including loss of morale

All contributing to employee disengagement resulting in a real impact to your bottom line.

Using PXT Select™ as part of the onboarding process, Clearwater has helped our clients benefit from lower turnover while providing the right candidates greater opportunities for success. Our clients value the importance of getting the best-fit candidates on the front end of the hiring process and the benefit of turning around seemingly mediocre employees already within the organization. Hiring managers appreciate PXT Select’s suite of reports providing the ability to match a candidate’s strengths and interests to the role. 

“This tool helps take the guess work out of who I should interview for the position and provides me with what the focus of the interview questions should be, based on the candidate – what a time saver!” - Hiring Manager at a Fin-Tech Company

Beyond a candidate’s fit for the job, the PXT Select suite of reports support the lifecycle of an employee from onboarding through development. Some of these reports can aid an organization when deciding whether to try to save a medicore employee or recognize it is time to let them go:

  • Manager-Employee Report - A strong relationship between a manager and employee can make a big difference in the workplace. This report compares their individual behaviors across 9 factors to build an understanding of how they approach the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed.
  • Coaching Report - Coach a new employee to his or her full potential. Or help current employees identify their challenges and improve job performance.
  • Team Report - See how a potential candidate fits an existing team or address your current team’s dynamics and strengths through insights into team culture and potential challenges.

Too many organizations make crucial hiring decisions based on impressions (background, resume, interview) rather than data. The PXT Select suite of reports help organizations to select, onboard, coach, and develop employees. PXT Select can make selecting the right candidate for a job both simpler and smarter. Having the right people in the right jobs fosters a culture of happier, more engaged, and more productive employees. Learn more about PXT Select 

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