Clearwater Consulting to Speak on Tough Talks at HR Star Conference

Posted by Conni Todd on Wed, Aug 30, 2017

Becky Dannefelser and Laura Stanley of Clearwater Consulting Group will speak on "Tough Talk: How to Disarm Difficult Conversations" at the sold-out HR Star Conference in Atlanta, GA on September 7, 2017.

For many of us, the thought of having a tough conversation is the equivalent of giving a public speech—we dread it, we avoid it and often times we blow it! But it doesn't have to be that way. We all struggle with delivering performance reviews, ornegotiating for what we want, or holding peers accountability or even apologizing.

This engaging session, "Tough Talk: How to Disarm Difficult Conversations," is designed to help today’s leader recognize their own opportunities for improvement with engaging in dialogue that positively moves difficult conversations forward with numerous tips and techniques. Leaders will come away with a renewed sense of optimism and a commitment to better preparing for these conversations. Mastering the art of having difficult conversations is a sure stepping-stone to stronger leadership and greater career success.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the most common difficult conversations
  • Identify their own personal challenges and difficulties in disarming tough
    conversations and how to have them
  • Prepare successfully to have more effective conversations in the workplace

The session is based on the book, Tough Talk: 10 Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations, by Andrea Hopke and Becky Dannenfelser

Becky 169x169.jpgBecky Dannenfelser is a Co-Principal at Clearwater Consulting Group, Inc. She brings over 25 years of stellar success at Macy’s both as an active leader, guiding individuals and teams repeatedly to positive results, and as a founding member of the Federated Leadership Institute and the Leadership Advisory Council for High Potentials. Her enthusiasm, dedication and passion for positive change fuel the work she does with organizations building cultures of engagement. Becky understands the needs of today’s leaders in Fortune 500 companies having led divisions of $350 million to $1 billion and having personally grappled with the myriad challenges that all leaders confront. She is driven to support organizations that want to step up to a vision of success through leadership at all levels. Becky is the co-author of Tough Talk: Ten Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations published in April 2014. 

Laura 169x169.jpgLaura Stanley is a Senior Partner at Clearwater Consulting Group, Inc. Laura is a leadership development strategist, executive coach and former senior human resource executive focused on improving employee engagement through talent management and human capital strategy. She designs and facilitates high-impact leadership development programs and workshops for managers and employees - particularly those facing the challenge of leading during turbulent times. As a leadership advisor and coach to senior executives, C-level officers and employees alike, Laura drives business results and enhances employee retention and engagement with her innovative problem-solving approach and collaborative partnering style. Years of experience in recruiting and executive search enable Laura to understand the unique market dynamics of recruitment, employment branding and career transition. Her 20 plus years of experience leading, coaching and developing high-potential talent, leaders and teams, yield significant individual and organizational impact. Laura is a Registered Corporate Coach with the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and is proficient in the DiSC assessment tool. In addition, she is fluent in French and conversational Italian, and her international experiences enable her to consult cross-culturally and in a global context. 

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