Clearwater Consulting Group partners with PXT Select™ Hiring Assessments

Posted by Andrea Hopke on Thu, May 10, 2018

PXTSelect-Authorized-PartnerWe are glad to formally announce Clearwater Consulting Group recently became an Authorized Partner with PXT Select™ hiring assessments. We have already successfully implemented this new program in the Talent Acquisition departments of both small and major corporations.

Why hiring assessments?

As trusted advisors to clients in a variety of industries, Clearwater Consulting Group has been repeatedly pulled into conversations about culture and the importance of hiring the right people. After designing and implementing a hugely successful onboarding program for a global client in which we created a sustainable and engaging platform to introduce new hires to the culture, they asked: What about recruitment? Can you help us with that? They were one of several clients asking us the same question. We strategized with them all about the steps in place to identify best prospects and in the process we discovered the Wiley PXT Select product.  

Why Clearwater Consulting Group and PXT Select are a good fit

Clearwater''s culture pivots around continuous learning and a growth mindset - always asking ourselves what we can do to further the success of our clients, what can we learn from what we have implemented already, what are the opportunities to provide greater service and impact?  As Wiley distributors of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ we are always on the lookout for new solutions for our clients. 

When Wiley bought Profiles International two years ago, they immediately began to assess the products and services and, true to form, evolved the offerings into a compelling set of materials. We volunteered to be a beta site to test the original PXT Select program in 2016 and weighed in with ideas and suggestions that Wiley took to heart to make the assessments more robust. Partnering with Wiley to explore new products is the same relationship we have with our clients - partnering to discover new and better ways of doing business. 

Hdr Hiring Right People shrtr

At Clearwater, we look beyond the tactical need at hand - hiring a new employee - by taking a systems view. This means understanding the overarching business objectives of the client - for example, some of the ones we have tackled recently include:

  • reducing turnover and stabilizing the talent bench so that the company can grow more effectively
  • attracting new employees who bring a growth mindset in which employees engage proactively with their own development
  • establishing criteria for "best fit" in the midst of changing business dynamics and roles

Understanding who you are hiring, and why, is key to ongoing success. PXT Select's comprehensive set of 9 reports provides tremendous insight and data points about individuals and the aggregate of all candidates reviewed. By profiling your existing talent throught PXT Select, you know what works and what does not. By knowing where the company is heading, you have greater clarity about what types of skills and mindset are essential. By looking ahead, the organization better understands fit and the process that will create for success at all levels.

Learn more about A Simple, Human and Smart Approach to Hiring

Explore the PXT Select Process Flow and see how one assessment gives you access to a suite of 9 reports.

See for yourself how you hiring decisions can become simpler and smarter by downloading the sample candidate selection report below. We are sure you will find it enlightening.

Download a sample PXT Select  Comprehensive Selection Report

 Contact Clearwater Consulting to learn how you can leverage PXT Select™ in your organization by calling 404-634-4332 or click here.

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