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Emotional Intelligence: A Simple Tool to Help Increase Your EQ

We all have a trigger that can prompt us to act in a childish, unbecoming, rude or even hostile way for that matter. Feeling a loss of control over a situation, dealing with giving or receiving challenging feedback, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work ahead. For me, one of my triggers is what I consider “insufficient think time” to process my thoughts and experiences. Admittedly, I tend to appreciate time to think (read overanalyzing, sometimes to the point of analysis paralysis.) Generally, I consider myself self-aware enough to do a decent job of managing my emotions and reactions around this stress trigger of mine.

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The Intersection of Bias and Organizational Culture

Have you ever wondered what happens at the intersection of bias and culture? We just wrapped up a project with one of our clients and we found ourselves pondering over this theme yet again. Over the course of the last decade working with organizations across multiple industries, one of the issues most organizations continue to grapple with is 'culture.'

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