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Increase Employee Engagement with 3 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Isn’t this true for you? People perform best at work when they know their viewpoints, opinions, and contributions count — when they feel heard. When that happens, we all feel more engaged.

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3 Keys to Successful Mentor Programs


Over the years we have been asked to help clients design, develop, and implement mentor programs. In today's environment with its emphasis on transparency, speed of adaptation, and resilience in light of accelerating access to new information, not only does having allies matter, but having someone help you with the curation of information is key. This is all in pursuit of both professional and personal development - what do I need to become more aware of, understand better, and apply more effectively?  

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What do Birthday Cakes and Best Places to Work Have in Common?

Ten days before my youngest child’s 6th birthday, I’m scrambling to come up with a birthday celebration. Amidst reading the fabulous Pintrest ideas for Knights, Princess and Ninja parties and imagining myself pulling off the ultimate Martha Stewart feat of concocting a homemade castle creation, I receive the all-call email announcing it’s time to nominate Atlanta’s Best Places to Work. This email actually reminded me of the common link between birthday cakes and Best Places to Work—giving me insight for both my own party planning and for my clients seeking to improve employee engagement and their Best Place to Work culture.

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Effective Team Collaboration: 3 Fundamental Tools

Recent blogs and media articles have been filled with commentary about Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer's bold move to recall Yahoo remote workers back to a bricks and mortar office. Her decision on remote working stems from the impetus that "to become the best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side."

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5 Keys to Effective Action on Employee Engagement Surveys

Congratulations!  Your company has just completed its Employee Engagement Survey initiative. The survey results are in—now what do you do? 

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