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Scaling Leadership

How would you answer the question, "Does leadership scale in my organization?" Specifically, does your leadership scale? What if certain behaviors have the unintended consequence of canceling out other behaviors to the extent that your leadership is not nearly as effective as you think?

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Working Identity: Forget Everything You Think Makes You Special

For the moment, let's accept that Marshall Goldsmith's famous phrase - what got you here, won't get you there - is true.

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4 Keys to Revamping Dysfunctional Teams From the Top Down

One of the most widely read and downloaded blogs on our Clearwater Consulting website focuses on tackling tough conversations, particularly with one’s manager. The second most widely read blog is on the reasons that dysfunctional teams lack accountability. So, what’s the link between these two massively popular blogs?

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Mindfulness - The Art of Staying Present (and Sane) in the Midst of Change

Clearwater's quarterly Executive Breakfast in July 2018 highlighted Mindfulness to reduce the negative impact of stress and enhance resilience and awareness of self and others. With guest speaker, Mark Dannenfelser, founder of Mindfulness Center of Atlanta, the group explored the importance of the topic as it relates to themselves as leaders, to their teams, and to their organizations enmeshed in unending change. See our digital scrapbook from the breakfast here

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Are You Curious? Does Your Business Need to Nurture This Trait to Succeed?

In today’s business environments with rapidly-changing roles and business dynamics, organizations are learning that the trait of curiosity is important for driving business and product innovation. 

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