3 Keys to Reinvigorating Your Work and Your Life

Posted by Andrea Hopke on Thu, Jul 14, 2016
It’s vacation time! Hopefully you are taking one and feeling reinvigorated when you return. What else can you do to keep yourself and your company refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated? Here are our keys:
1. Take a new view 
Physically, this is as simple as moving to a different seat, desk, room, venue. Do what it takes to turn around and take a different view. Or to take a new mental view and play devil’s advocate on a topic with a colleague - ask them to switch “sides” with you and have fun poking holes in your previously held beliefs or suggestions. (Note: this takes courage and the ability to get out of your comfort zone.) 
2. Get exposed to a lot of new ideas in a short period of time
Attend a conference whether it is in your field or not or carve out an hour to read as many different articles online as possible about a topic that intrigues you, and then go talk to someone about them
3. Pick a passion
Identify a topic, challenge, love, field, idea, or anything that energizes you, and dedicate some time to it. Our secret this year was doing it as a group. 
Every year as a company we make the commitment to grow and develop ourselves personally and professionally, much as we encourage our clients to do the same. We have the same possible excuses NOT to do so as you do: we are heads down on projects, there’s no way we can leave the office for a day, much less a week; we can read about it later; maybe one of us should go and tell the rest. You name it, we’ve said it; same as you. But every year we sign up, we go, we learn, we share. And we are are completely energized, jazzed, thrilled, and renewed.
So far, this year has been particularly robust with development opportunities, including:
1. Take a new view: In March we moved to larger space!!! And that provided a lot of new views and discussions and the opportunity to create new collaborative space that inspires not only us, but our clients, too.
2. This May we were exposed to myriad new technology and ideas for talent development at the spectacular ATD (Association for Talent Development) conference this summer in Denver. We got to see Simon Sinek and Brene Brown in person.
3. And we have so many passions it’s hard to pick, but we did. Since we are all dedicated to the practice of appreciating diverse perspectives and experiences, it was a natural fit for us to dedicate ourselves to a 4-day immersion on Inter-Cultural Intelligence, a program born overseas and brought to the US by Knowledgeworkx. Experiential, insightful, exploratory. A remarkable experience for each of us as individuals and for us as a company. 
Talk about extremes:  
  • with ATD we were surrounded by 10,000+ of our closest allies in talent development for 4 days in Denver, attending up to 5 workshops a day plus keynotes, meeting fascinating people from around the globe, hearing personal and professional stories that inspired and enlightened
  • with ICI we were off the grid for 4 intense days with 20 other people from around the globe, absorbed in the experience and discussions about a topic of great interest and need for all of us: opening our eyes to inter-cultural intelligence
More on the content of the ICI program in a future blog.  For now, say hello to a passionate group of global leaders from the Atlanta program March, 2016:  
 Photo courtesy of KnowledgeWorkx Newsletter
So, what’s your secret for getting out of your own way and staying refreshed, energized, passionate about your work and your life?

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