3 Key Questions to Assess Company Commitment to Coaching

Posted by Andrea Hopke on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

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Two thirds of responders to a recent survey complain that people in their company need to step up - they need and want them to take more responsibility. One way to instill that in the culture is through  a commitment to coaching. But very few companies are actually committing resourcestime, money, strategic thought and execution—to providing managers with coaching skills that ensure the development of talent and the encouragement of individuals taking more responsibility. 

There is massive confusion in organizations, according to our responders (and our professional observations echo this), which blurs the distinction between giving direction and coaching. At its core, coaching shifts the responsibility for ideas, solutions and actions to the individual. Read more about coaching skills here.

The 3 key questions to ask yourself are:

1. How many hours of coaching skills training (per year) do your managers receive?

  • 10 or more hours (good for you - great start)
  • 1-9 hours (better than nothing)
  • 0 hours (unfortunately this is the norm - isn't it time to do something about this?)
  • Do not know

2. Do your executive leaders understand the difference between coaching and directing?

  • Yes - they understand that the coachee is responsible for the ideas and actions; the coach is responsible for asking great questions and helping the coachee find answers
  • No - they blur everything together into "advice"

3. Do your senior leaders complain that people need to step up?

  • Yes
  • No

And a bonus 4th question:  Now, what are youan insightful, engaged, motivated leadergoing to do about it?


If you answered with the first choice to all 3 questions: your company is primed to embrace coaching as a talent development and growth solution, and you are fearlessly leading them! If you answered a combination of the first and second choices, you have a great opportunity ahead of you.

Call us at (404) 634-4332. We can help design the steps and implement the solutions. If you answered (b) or (c): we applaud that you are an eternal optimist and we can share programs to support the transformation you are eager to see. 

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