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Teams that Trailblaze – 5 Tips for Creating Collaborative Success

 What happens at the intersection of diversity of thought and function when the collaborators see themselves as equally unique and focused on a shared goal? Magic.

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3 Keys to Successful Mentor Programs


Over the years we have been asked to help clients design, develop, and implement mentor programs. In today's environment with its emphasis on transparency, speed of adaptation, and resilience in light of accelerating access to new information, not only does having allies matter, but having someone help you with the curation of information is key. This is all in pursuit of both professional and personal development - what do I need to become more aware of, understand better, and apply more effectively?  

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Working Identity: Forget Everything You Think Makes You Special

For the moment, let's accept that Marshall Goldsmith's famous phrase - what got you here, won't get you there - is true.

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4 Keys to Revamping Dysfunctional Teams From the Top Down

One of the most widely read and downloaded blogs on our Clearwater Consulting website focuses on tackling tough conversations, particularly with one’s manager. The second most widely read blog is on the reasons that dysfunctional teams lack accountability. So, what’s the link between these two massively popular blogs?

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The Power of 2 Plus 2 for Feedback and Feedforward

We recently facilitated a one-day program called Great Leader for the VPs at one of our long-standing clients. The EVP who kicked off the session stood humbly in front of the class of ambitious leaders and shared his “ah-ha” moment that occurred several years earlier:

"Of the many effective frameworks the Clearwater team will share with you today, the tool called 2 Plus 2 changed my life."

Conni Todd and I were co-facilitating the session - we both sat straight up when we heard that. The EVP had not been prepped by us - this was completely and genuinely his own testimonial. 

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