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Student Re-imaginaction


Building on the previous blog on reimagining, I find myself looking everywhere for hints of positive shift. Changing the narrative. Creating space for singular transformation that has implications for self and other awareness, for changing the narrative from limitations to possibilities. And in that ever-evolving landscape, what is the role of leadership?  

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Mary Frances Winters, long an icon in the space of training and transformation for diversity, equity and justice in corporations, has coined the term 're-imaginaction.' As the word implies, she and her team believe we are at the precipice of unprecedented change in the space of anti-racism, but only if we collectively re-imagine what is possible and take action. 

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When Past, Present and Future Collude to Maintain Status Quo: Disrupt!

Clearwater Consulting
(Top, L-R: Andrea Hopke, Conni Todd. Bottom, L-R: Senam Apaloo, Laura McElveen)

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Meeting unprecedented challenges incredibly well

Recently, CBS 60 Minutes featured a segment on one of Clearwater Consulting's clients, Marietta City Schools superintendent Grant Rivera, and educators facing critical challenges in the pandemic era.

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Who Will You Be, Corporate America?

For there is always light
If only we are brave enough to see it
If only we are brave enough to be it
                                                        -Amanda Gorman, poet

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