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Listen HERE to our 30-minute seminar on how to develop your Executive Presence.

Take control of your leadership development

Whether you are looking to be promoted, start a new role, or move into a more demanding leadership position, Clearwater is here to support your goals. This convenient and affordable virtual leadership development program offers individuals the opportunity to accelerate their professional growth through targeted, personalized leadership training to:develop_executive_presence

  • Strengthen your Executive Presence
  • Gain insights about your own workstyle through DiSC®
  • Seek, receive and give feedback to grow as a leader
  • Improve work relationships and build allies 

This program accepts a limited number of participants (6 to 8 people per group) during each session to allow for greater personalization, customized coaching with the facilitator and more powerful group interaction. The teleclasses meet once per month for a total of 4 months and offer activities inbetween classes to help you retain and practice the information. The Leadership Development Forum format is a cost-effective and powerful means for sustaining training through small group learning and coaching.

Benefits for the Individual

Accelerate Your Career

 leadership development forum

Are you:

  • Lacking direction on your next career steps?

  • Looking to become more influential in your organization? 

  • Tired of training programs that go nowhere?

Clearwater's Leadership Development Forum helps you:

  • Gain greater confidence and self-awareness

  • Learn and practice skills you need to advance your career

  • Become more focused and energized

  • Articulate your professional vision

  • Create a specific action plan

  • Use feedback effectively

  • Enhance your Executive Presence

Download our flyer for more details on this program. Or choose to focus on your professional development and contact us at 404-634-4332 to learn when the next program starts.

 Benefits for the Organization

Identify and Support Future Leaders


Does your organization:

  • Lack employees prepared to be promoted into leadership roles? 

  • Need to improve employee engagement and retention?

  • Desire leadership training that is personalized to each employee and actually works to prepare them for the next level?

Clearwater's learning forum helps your organization:

  • Strengthen your bench

  • Identify and support high potentials

  • Improve the skill set of your future leaders

  • Strengthen and improve work relationships by increasing the employees self-awareness

  • Increase employee productivity

Download our flyer for more information about setting up this program in your organization. Or contact us at 404-634-4332 to learn how we can set up this program for your company.

Contact Clearwater Consulting Group at 404-634-4332 to discuss how a you can take control of your career through our leadership development learning forum.