Leadership Development

What is a Leadership Development program?

Leadership development refers to activities that enhance the quality of leadership within an individual or organization. Not all leadership development programs are the same. The benefits of leadership coaching applies to: leadership solutions leadership development

  • New Leaders
  • High Potential Talent
  • Emerging Leaders

Our work with leaders reveal 5 key qualities they must possess to continue to thrive and succeed.

  1. Extraordinary leaders possess a inspiring vision that clearly articulates the direction they are headed, and they own the alignment and execution of the vision with their team and the organization. 

  2. Extraordinary leaders have belief and confidence in their abilities and their people’s potential for growth. They are more than capable of solving complex problems, taking bold action and leaving comfort zones behind. 

  3. Extraordinary leaders build bridges and networks that break down silos and encourage cross-functional collaboration. They remain relevant and current by staying on top of the industry issues and the connections they need to add value for their team and their organization. They get more work done because of the networks they create.clearwater_extraordinary_leadership_002

  4. Extraordinary leaders communicate clearly and concisely inside their organizations. They salute the accomplishments of their teams and find a way to accentuate the team’s results and value to the organization. They seek ways to minimize conflict but are not afraid to hold others accountable.

  5. Extraordinary leaders know it is less about them and more about their team. They believe in leading by example, anticipating the team’s needs and creating safety. They drive for results and inspire the team to higher performance.

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What are the benefits of training and development for leaders? 

  1. Their performance will accelerate, global economy requires acceleration of leadership training for pipeline.
  2. They will work more closely with their strengths and maximize their potential opportunities.
  3. Their team will be in greater alignment.
  4. They will develop deeper organizational networks, improving timelines to increase productivity.
  5. They will be ready to step into new roles on day 1.
  6. They will be retained (talent retention, less turnover).
  7. Halo effect- more leaders will want to be part of the program next year.
  8. The program will benefit recruiting of new leaders in the future (differentiator between companies).

What's the best approach to leadership development?

We design, develop, and implement programs that transform your teams and leaders into high-functioning talent. Most engagements begin with a 4-step process. 

1. Nominate and Select the Best
  • Requirements
  • Selection or application of talent
  • Manager and HR support/buy-in
2. Assessment of the Candidatesclearwater_leaders_001
  • Work style
  • EQ assessment
  • Leadership Style
  • 360 competency based assessment (electronic or in-person interview based)
  • Cusomization include: Hogan, DiSC, Strength Finders
3. Developmental
  • Written reports and assessment debriefs
  • Individual and Group Action Planning (IDP)
  • Education/classroom training/webinars/tele-class
  • Fieldwork
  • Stretch assignments
  • Exposure to different leadership styles
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • The leader’s journal
  • Peer to peer learning through group presentations
4. Feedback and measurement
  • Plan for sustaining momentum
  • Succession planning 9 box framework
  • Re-evaluation of 360 competency
  • Actual business results

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