DiSC® for Team Development

Accelerate Team Performance through Understanding Work Styles

Our clients rely on DiSC® profiles to provide immediate insight into work style communication both within teams and across functions. Easy to learn, powerful when applied, the DiSC assessment can be completed in 10 minutes, but its insights and impact last forever.  
It is one of the simplest tools to use for building self-awareness, strengthening self-management, and creating appreciation of diversity within an organization. 

Clearwater introduces teams to the DiSC® model of work styles in an interactive 2-hour program. This engaging approach is highly effective precisely because of its simplicity—your team will learn principles to strengthen relationships and interactions in order to maximize collaboration and performance. 

5 Teams Who Will Benefit

  • NEW TEAMS recently assigned to work together
  • HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS who want to go to the next level
  • TEAMS IN CONFLICT due to a lack of shared goals and alignment
  • DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS who are struggling to communicate and collaborate
  • UNDER-PERFORMING TEAMS who need to step up performance and results
  • TEAMS WITH A NEW LEADER or new members

Video Introduction to EVERYTHING DiSC®

Get to Know Everything DiSC®



By increasing the individual and team's capacity not only to understand, but to embrace and value each other’s style and contribution to the team, DiSC® serves as the catalyst for improved communication, stronger relationships, higher levels of productivity, and improved business results. 

3 Takeaways

1. Understand your DiSC® work style and identify strengths/challenges based on your style:

  • Understand your team's collective DiSC® profile.
  • Quickly recognize and identify individual work styles on your team by learning to "people-read"
  • Recognize what values/priorities drive you, your teammates and others

2. Gain appreciation for diverse styles and celebrate strengths each style brings to the team

3. Explore team dynamics and how best to approach each other to simultaneously improve both relationships and results




Program Deliverables include:

  • A 28-page style profile from DiSC® for each individual team member
  • A DiSC® team map that plots each individual’s style on the circumplex
  • Shared vocabulary around successful ways to communicate with each style
  • Suggestions for sustaining the insights and practices built throughout the workshop 


Watch this short video to learn how Clearwater Consulting Group helped  APRIO (formerly known as Habif, Arogeti & Wynne) create a culture of engagement by embracing respect for diverse work styles using DiSC®. 


Contact Clearwater Consulting Group at 404-634-4332 to discuss how DiSC® can help your team become more effective, collaborative and high-functioning.