Executive Coaching for Potential Derailers

effective collaboration skills in the workplace All leaders have something they can work on. Every leader has some weakness which may inhibit their full potential in the workplace. It is our experience that these situations do not have to be death sentences. Indeed, with the proper mindset of the employee paired with the right highly skilled coach, this experience may be the best thing that has happened to a leader. Most of Clearwater's coaching services focus on a leader's development, but 20% of the time, we are called in to help the leader get back on track. The primary reasons leaders have derailment issues are:


  • A new leader or boss has been assigned, with a very different style
  • An allegiance to the old boss
  • A new direction is established and the leader lacks experience with this direction
  • Prolonged poor results for the leader and his team
  • Team dysfunction
  • Peer to peer friction and conflict
Helping leaders through potentially derailing career times usually involves the following steps:
  1. Acceptance and commitment to work from the shared reality. If everyone tends to see the leader and his behavior in a certain manner, it is imperative that the leader understand this so he/she can be aware of what needs to change.

  2. Leverage the leader's strength's for success. We know Strengthfinders formula of Talent X Investment = Strength is a great way to positively have a leader understand that by focusing and investing in their talent, they can develop a strong counter balance to their perceived weakness.

Celebrate the positive, the change in behavior. This is crucial if we want the leader's new behavior to stick.

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