Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

How do you engage your talent for future growth?

Improve employee engagement and retention with action planning Gallup polls continue to show us that 71% of the workforce are not engaged. And, recent research suggests that many of the best talent in the workplace plan to look for a job when the economic gloom finally lifts.

Executive coaching of top talent shows an organization is committed to:

  • An investment in the leader's future growth
  • Fostering continued learning in the top talent
  • Challenging top talent to step up and lead at an even higher level
  • Acknowledge different leadership skills are needed based on changing levels of leadership

We have had the luxury of coaching over 650 individuals and at least 50% of the time, theClearwater leaders 004 resized 600 leader is a high potential. The most prevalent reasons we see for this coaching of top talent are:

  • It is part of a leadership development training program complete with a 360 degree feedback and an individual development action planning process.
  • The leader has been given additional responsibility in current role
  • The leader has a new role and needs to be on-boarded for speed of success rate
  • The leader is someone who will be promoted in 6 months

This support for top leaders in an organization retains top talent and allows succession planning to prosper while engaging and getting more commitment from those you want to invest in for the future.

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