360 Degree Feedback Programs

Does Your Company have a 360 Feedback Process to Develop Your Leaders?

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Today’s best companies understand the reasons for developing their leaders. Recent research from the AMA and The Institute for Corporate Productivity tells us that the number one reason companies use coaching “is to improve an individual’s performance and or productivity”. Furthermore, 360 degree assessments serve as a benchmark of "before and after" results to provide additional proof of the impact 360 feedback with executive coaching has made in the organization. 


assess your feedback skills Clearwater has created a robust 360 feedback program that allows for development and accountability for the organization's leaders. There are two ways the data is collected in a 360 feedback program; companies have their leadership competencies built into an online assessment tool that has been customized for their organization and the one-on-one interview based assessment process.

Our experience with over +250 leaders suggests 3 keys to effective implementation of a 360 degree feedback program:

1. Transparency360 feedback with executive coaching

A training program is custom designed for the culture and the leaders to ensure: better understanding of the
process; how to give and receive feedback, how to implement an action plan for success, and how to leverage strengths based on the feedback.

2. Integrated in the Company's Culture

A 360 feedback program is never used with compensation or as part of the review. Instead, it is implemented and used as a true developmental initiative that all leaders go through to promote better communication, improved team dynamics, increased employee engagement and develop future leaders. 

3. Leadership Coaching

A coaching component is added to the program with an internal or external coach to ensure confidentiality, safety and accountability for the leader participating in the 360 degree process. An expert leadership development coach can provide an objective view of the results and strategic steps to implement the feedback.

Tomorrow's leaders need to be ready to step up and lead by clearly understanding how they are viewed in their company's culture. Then, they can continue to grow and make higher contributions for the organization.

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