Clearwater Consulting Senior Executive Business Leaders Forum


A gathering of Senior HR and business leaders for a sense of community, shared learujnings, problem solving and extremely valuable brainstorming on solutions to the issues most organizations have in common.

We started something new that we think you would really enjoy - a Senior HR & Business Leaders Forum designed to offer you and your colleagues a place to grapple with real issues affecting how you operate.

We gather senior HR and business leaders by invitation only in a comfortable environment with a casual breakfast for meeting/mingling and then as a group we tackle the session's topic. Leaders share what is and isn't working. We highlight related best practices and tools to learn more and select companies/leaders share their own lessons learned. 

Past attendees of the breakfast included leaders from:
Coca-Cola, InterContinental Hotels Group, IBM, Cricket Wireless, WorldPay, City of Atlanta, Southern Co., Carter's, Global Payments, Comcast, Delta Airlines, Mailchimp and FLEETCOR and many more.

Upcoming Breakfast Forum: Thursday, July 26, 2018, 8:30AM-10:30AM

Topic: Mindfulness - The Art of Staying Present (and Sane) in the Midst of Change

Join us with Mark Dannenfelserfounding director of the Mindfulness Center of Atlanta (MCA), to learn mindfulness is more than a buzzword and how it can help executives and staff during change.

Mindfulness meditation is being recognized as a powerful way to encourage positive change in people and systems, and is being used in increasing numbers throughout corporations and industries around the world.

On July 26, come prepared to:

  • Learn how mindfulness can improve focus, resilience and wellbeing for you and your teams
  • Share knowledge about the ways you and your staff support positive change and wellbeing
  • Network with other senior executives who are grappling with the same challenges and opportunities 

Recap of December 2017 Forum:

Topic: Impacting Culture and the Employee Experience Through Innovative Onboarding

Crystal Williams, SVP Global HR of FLEETCOR, shared a case study of the dynamic, integrative approach FLEETCOR implemented to enhance the employee experience from Day 1. It included a micro-learning technology tool and a high-energy, consistent experience for their new employees. Linked to the company’s core values, the new Onboarding Program resonates with integrity and multi-dimensional ownership involving all stakeholders from the Recruiting Team, HR and the Hiring Managers. 

Activites included:

  • Sharing knowledge about the ways companies are handling onboarding
  • Networking with other senior executives who are grappling with the same challenges and opportunities with their onboarding programs

Our digital scrapbook from the December Forum




Recap of October 2017 Forum:

Topic: Change: 5 Roles of Leaders Who Accelerate Business Performance

Georgia Tech School of Management Professor and Leading Change Consultant, Tony Daloisio shared insights from his clients’ learnings and new book, Change the Way You Change.

Activities included:

  • Interactive exercises bringing to life ways people grapple with change
  • Real case study examples of how organizations struggle with change and what can be done to overcome the resistance
  • Networking with other senior executives who are grappling with the same problems/opportunities around change
  • Learning more about techniques and tips for managing organizational change and how to keep pace with the magnitude of change occurring
  • Tools shared: Challenges to Effectively Implementing Change info sheet 

Our digital scrapbook from the October Forum



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Recap of April 2017 Forum:

Topic: Feedback and Performance Management—Real Time Impact 

Activities included:

  • Sharing knowledge about the ways their companies are handling feedback and performance management
  • Transparent, in-person case study and example presented by one organization tackling the feedback challenge
  • Networking with other senior executives who are grappling with the same problems/opportunities
  • Learning more about techniques for feedback and performance management that can help L&D drive behavior change and organizational accountability
  • Tools shared: The Future of Feedback and 2017 Trends for Perfomance Management & Continuous Feedback

Our digital scrapbook from the April Forum



Recap of February 2017 Forum:

Topic: Digital Disruption and Explore Micro Learning

Activities included:

Our digital scrapbook from the February Forum