Why We Wrote Tough Talk

cc tough talk party 017We wrote TOUGH TALK in response to repeatedly having clients request guidance that could reach multiple audiences:  both the employee and the manager or boss. We created a preparation sheet to use before walking into one of these conversations. After presenting the topic at a workshop called "Difficult Conversations, from Thorns to Roses" the response to our preparation sheet was phenomenal. Building on that, we brainstormed topics, checked in with our clients, and identified a list of 9 subjects that most of them found challenging. That formed the basis for the book. Our Clearwater team gave input and we finalized the approach with the help of an editor and our designer.

People love how to's; they love the simple, straightforward format we use. People are hungry for help with what can feel so overwhelming that we postpone it indefinitely, until the issues escalate. Our designer recommended adding a worksheet at the end of every chapter so that people could reflect and plan their own next steps based on insights from that particular topic.  

Our goal is to disarm that escalation, to help our clients and our communities tackle what can feel tough, but when addressed with grace and directness can actually accelerate development of stronger communication and build allies.