Rave Reviews for Tough Talk

Clients and colleagues are raving because TOUGH TALK is practical and has immediate applications at work. We are humbled by the high praise and remain committed to helping our clients figure out how to bring out the best in their leaders, their teams and the organization.  

Listen now to five raving fans.


"Becky and Andrea have addressed the core elements of tough discussions while providing a great guide for managers and team members who want to interact at a higher level of honesty. The result of implementing the tips in TOUGH TALK will be a stronger, more committed team - one that is prepared to operate in an atmosphere promoting direction communication."  Ed Shellard, Chief Marketing Officer
"Chefs have known how to turn 'tough into tender' for centuries. Business leaders now have the opportunity to do the same. Clearwater has led our senior leadership team through numerous difficult situations over the years. It's amazing how they can take a seemingly impossible event and turn it into a collaborative solution."  John Deushane, President & General Manager
"At the heart of this book is the simple truth - disarming difficult situations begins with our own preparation. In TOUGH TALK, Becky and Andrea discuss 10 of the most common situations and provide keen insight and practical steps to approach your most difficult situation or person. After reading the book, I was inspired to tackle my most difficult situation with confidence and with a concrete plan for success."  Trish Coughlin, President