Tough Talk: 10 Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations

clearwater consulting tough talk bookBy Andrea Hopke & Becky Dannenfelser

TOUGH TALK shares insights and tips for tackling some of the most prevalent and difficult conversations in the corporate/business world. These 10 tips present practical actions that not only prepare you for a specific conversation, but also build your self-awareness: an essential ingredient for leadership development. Download a free chapter here.

Difficult conversations in the workplace take courage and resolve regardless of your position within an organization. Our TOUGH TALK book will help you identify key issues and prepare prior to a challenging conversation with a boss, a direct report, a peer, or an employee. For more information on buying in bulk for your organization, download our flyer.

Some of the toughest conversations – performance reviews, addressing abrasive behavior, or peer to peer accountability – can be handled successfully no matter which side of the table you are on, delivering or receiving, if you prepare for them. 

"Tough talk does not need to imply uncomfortable confrontation. As noted in this book there are many ways to handle these situations. I find that kindness and sincerity work better, even with the toughest of individuals." - Dan Myers, CEO, Alimera Sciences



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