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cc_tough_talk_bookWelcome to our growing library of leadership development books and resources. Our books cover leadership development and tough conversations in the workplace. Learn how to have a tough conversation at work with our Tough Talk book and develop your Extraordinary Leadership with our free eBook.

In every case, we wrote the publication at the prompting of clients who were yearning for material that is practical, actionable and insightful.  

TOUGH TALK: 10 Tips for Disarming Difficult Conversations emerged from our work in enterprises grappling with issues around conflict and trust, communication and accountability. In all organizations leaders and teams struggle to clear the air and effectively move forward.

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3 Steps to Launch Your Extraordinary Leadership is the result of a series of webinars and workshops pointing to foundational elements of leadership. These elements include:  

1. Establish a VISION for your future success

2. Define your BRAND


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